Argumentative Writing Vs. Persuasive Writing

Argumentative Writing Vs. Persuasive Writing

ARGUMENTATIVE WRITING VS. PERSUASIVE WRITING WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? What are the common elements needed in order to write an effective persuasive essay?

(Strong) Thesis statement Supporting details, examples, etc Convincing your audience (readers) Organizationmultiple paragraphs (intro, body, conclusion) Transitions Convincing Reasons (new reason for

each body paragraph) Catchy lead/hook in intro How does Argumentative Writing Differ from Persuasive Writing?? Persuasive writing relies heavily on OPINION, and Argumentative writing relies heavily on FACTS & CREDIBLE SOURCES (Cite Evidence). You will read several sources and construct your claim/argument based on facts that you read about and gathered. In Argumentative Writing, you MUST show the

opposing viewpoint and counter it. (Opposing the opposition). Every controversy has TWO sides. You must acknowledge the other side. Persuasive Writing has a specific audience, where argumentative does not. You are simply putting your thoughts out there to be heard. REMEMBER, In your essay, you CANNOT say anything, or make any points that

arent mentioned, and discussed in the sources/ articles. 11 (ELEVEN) Reasons/Ideas That You Can Focus on for Almost ANY ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY: Just remember that you cant make any points in your essay, if they are not

mentioned in the sources! 1. SAFETY/SECURITY Physical safety Emotional safety Supervision

Protection 2. HEALTH Nutrition Exercise Stress Relief

Medicine 3. EDUCATION Gradeshelp/hurt? Developing new skills

Creativityfoster/impede? Organizationhelp? Learn varied subjects 4. JUSTICE/EQUALITY/Ethics

Fairness Equal Opportunity Discrimination Right vs. WrongIs this ethical? Should it be done? 5. MONEY Save $$ Dont Waste $$ Wise spending

6. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Learn discipline Build self-esteem and confidence Responsibility

Kindness Respect for yourself and others Express yourself 7. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Cooperation Teamworklearning to work with others Building friendships Express yourself Build self-esteem and confidence

Maturity 8. ENTERTAINMENT Recreation- -free time Kids need to have fun!! 9. FAMILY Spending quality time Vacations Time to visit extended family

10. RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY Against my personal beliefs Infringes on or goes against my beliefs 11. Environment

Pollution Litter Air, water, land pollution Effects on animals and plants (wildlife) STAY ORGANIZED!!! The reasons that you select to use and focus on in your essay will be developed into their own

PARAGRAPHS. Independent Practice: You will now read an article from Debatepedia on the boxing ban topic that weve been discussing in class. The article consists of several different arguments and the pros & cons that go with each argument. You and a partner will read over the various arguments and identify what

(MAIN IDEA-REASON) applies to each. What Makes an Effective Citation? What are the best quotes to use? FACTS=Studies & Statistics Cite quotes from scientists, doctors, professors, prominent and relevant figures in the field, etc

REMEMBER, After you cite evidence, YOU MUST reflect and explain how this quote is significant and relevant to your argument. This illustrates This proves This shows MUST HAVE THROUGHOUT YOUR ESSAY YOU NEED TO HAVE

TRANSITIONS!!!!! REMEMBER, TRANSITIONS CREATE FLOW, SOPHISTICATION , & MATURITY TO YOUR WRITING. Oh, and remember to NOT put yourself in your essay!! DO NOT use pronouns such as I, me, my etc INTRODUCTIONS: It is essential and integral, that in every piece of nonfiction the

writer has a THESIS STATEMENT!!!! WHAT IS A THESIS STATEMENT?? THESIS STATEMENT- states the main idea in a work of nonfiction. Everything that follows throughout your paper must support this thesis statement.

Your thesis statement will ALWAYS be in your introductory paragraph and is generally the last sentence of the paragraph. In a argumentative essay, what do you think your thesis statement will be??? YOUR POSITION & STANCE along with your 3 reasons!!!!!!!!! BE CATCHY!! Different Styles of Leads:

***Pose a Question*** Make sure you ask a question that you KNOW your audience will answer the way you want. COMMENTARY: This particular lead style simply opens your essay with your overall thoughts on the

issue that is being discussed. DO NOT talk about the prompt itself in your lead. Keep your commentary brief and general. Your essay will be specific!!! Example: Uniforms are something that are important and have value for certain professions. Police officers, firefighters, military personnel, and even nurses, wear them and it is important to see them in this attire, especially when these people are needed. However, I do not feel that

students in school should be required to wear them Commentary Example #2 Surveillance cameras are everywhere we go, whether we realize it or not. Every clothing store, convenience store, mall, and even streets with intersections now have cameras. They are becoming a common, everyday part of our culture and society. I feel that it is long overdue that cameras now be placed in our schools.

Surprising/Shocking Statement: Fainting, dehydration, bad attitudes, fights and even worse, possible heat stroke! These are all possible problems you must be ready to deal with if you want to have school in the summer. Anecdote (VERY short story)

Robert is a student at IMS. Unfortunately, he doesnt have many friends and each and every day is an unpleasant one for Robert. Some days Robert gets pushed into lockers, other days he gets his books knocked out of his hands. Sometimes kids throw things at him in the cafeteria, and occasionally kids take his lunch money. School shouldnt be like this for Robert or anyone else for that matter. If surveillance cameras were placed in our school, Robert could walk through the halls without having to live in a constant state of fear. I strongly support the idea of having cameras throughout our school.

Jennifer is a sweet 13 year old girl. She gets good grades in school, all her teachers like her, she has many friends, and always helps mom out around the house. Unfortunately, Jennifers parents are divorced and her father lives in North Carolina. She eagerly anticipates each summer to come so she can go down and live with her dad for several weeks. Unfortunately for Jennifer, if Woodbridge decides to have school throughout the summer, she will not be able to see her dad. Along with

Jennifer, I strongly oppose Woodbridges proposal to have school in the summer months. Counter Arguing Arguing the Opposition In argumentative writing, you need to counter the other side in your essay. By doing this, you are recognizing/acknowledging the other sides point of view; however, still arguing against

it. This is where TRANSITIONS are so important! (Despite, however, in contrast, nevertheless, regardless, although, even though, in spite of, etc)

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