Ancient Greek Gods

Ancient Greek Gods

Ancient Greek Gods By: Michael Xavier Mark Graham Chris Rinetti

WHO CAME FIRST? The gods were not the first rulers of the universe. Legends say that the Titans ruled the universe first. Cronus, the top titan, used to eat his children for fear of losing power. Zeus managed to keep from being eaten

and killed Cronus, thus beginning the reign of the gods. King of the gods. Very promiscuous Weakness: girls, girls, girls! God of mankind.

HERA Queen and mother of the gods. Zeuss sister. Goddess of marriage. ARES

God of war God of storms Loved war and massacre Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty.

Born from the foam in water. Pictured as the most beautiful being in the universe. HADES God of the underworld.

Zeuss brother Ruler of the myriad rivers (river of lamentation, river of hate, etc.) POEIDEN God of the seas.

Zeuss brother. Controlled earthquakes. ARTEMIS Goddess of the hunt Known as the Mistress of Animals

Zeuss daughter Brought death with her arrows DEMETER Goddess of the harvest. Worshipped with

festivals. Goddess of grain and fertility. APOLLO God of light and prophecy. Twin brother of

Artemis. Mother was Leto. ATHENA Goddess of war and wisdom. (civilized war) Athens was named after her.

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