Analyzing Hairs - Mrs. Frazier's Online Science Classroom

Analyzing Hairs - Mrs. Frazier's Online Science Classroom

Analyzing Hairs Forensic Science Hair on mammals helps to regulate body temperature, decrease friction, and protect against sunlight. Morphology of Hair

Hair grows out of a hair follicle Shaft: the length of hair that is found above the skin Shaft is composed of three layers: Cuticle, Cortex and

Medulla Cuticle Scaly structure that covers the exterior of the hair Scales always point to the tip of the hair

Pattern can be used to identify species Helps to make the hair resistant to chemical decomposition and to retain its structural features Cortex

Main body of the hair shaft Made up of spindle-shaped cells that are aligned parallel to the length of the hair Pigment granules are found in the cortex

Important points of comparison are provided by the color, shape and distribution of the pigment granules Pigment granules found in cortex of hair Medulla

Collection of cells composing the inner canal of the hair In animals, the medulla is the biggest feature Medulla can vary within the individual

Three main medulla patterns: Continuous, Interrupted and Fragmented Copy into your notes: Medulla Patterns The copier cut off important words on the left side of your paper and so

please make you add them as we take the following notes. Root Helps to produce hair and continue growth Shape and size

can determine the growth phase of the hair Phases of Growth Anagen Phase: Initial phase of growth when the follicle is producing hair

Catagen Phase: Transition phase between anagen and telogen Telogen Phase: Final phase where the hair naturally falls out Pictures of Phase of Growth

What can be determined from hair? Racial Origin Male or female if tissue adheres to the hair

Whether the hair fell out or was forcibly removed Type of hair (what part of body it originated in) Collection and Preservation Must collect reference/standard

samples from SAME part of body where the hair originated 25-50 full length hairs collected for reference sample Hair can be pulled or clipped at skin level

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