American Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society Nuclear Installations Safety Division Presentation to the ANS Board of Directors John E. Kelly, NISD Chair June 12, 2010 San Diego, CA NISD Mission Devoted specifically to the safety of nuclear installations and the health and safety of the public, this division seeks a better understanding of the role of safety in the design, construction and operation of nuclear installation facilities. The division also promotes engineering and scientific technology advancement associated with the safety of such facilities. NISD Governance Executive Committee Structure Chair, John Kelly Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect Michael Corradini Secretary-Treasurer, Gerald Loignon 8 Additional Members with 3 yr. terms BOD Liaison, William Burchill Liaisons with THD, OPD, YMG

Committee Structure Program Steven Schultz Honors & Awards Phillip Ellison Nominating Kevin OKula Finance Committee Gerald Loignon Division Planning and Guidance Strategic and Tactical Plan, including succession planning Bylaws Rules Communications Gary Wilson maintains our website and produces newsletter Korey Hosack created a NISD group on Facebook NISD Membership Trends 1800 1750 ~ 60 Student Members 1700 1650 1600 1550 1500

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 NISD Budget 2008 2009 15569 20084 3286 3306 11179 2050

30134 25084 1365 1140 685 65 5000 2250 Budget Funds Carry forward from previous year Member Allocation Division Income Total Budget Funds Expenses Awards, Plaques National Meeting Costs Student Support Newsletter Scholarship Funding 33 3000 0 Total Expenses

10050 3488 Excess (Deficiency) 20084 21952 NISD Budget Budget Planning In 2009, the NISD finance committee developed a multi-year spending plan Goal was to increase student support while ensuring adequate reserve Increases student funding to $5000/yr Plan was approved by the EC Executive Committee in November 2009 NISD Planning Planning Strategic and Tactical Plan updated annually A yearly Succession Plan is included in S&T Plan 2010 Priorities Divisions Commitment to Young Member Group and Student Support Visibly and actively support ANS Young Member Group (YMG). Support a presence and provide representatives at the ANS National Student Conference at University of Michigan Establish a Facebook page to link Young Members in NISD.

Class I and Class III Topical Meetings Maintain leadership of PSA topical as the pre-eminent meeting in Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Analysis. Work with Wilmington Section on PSA 2011 to ensure the meeting is well organized and adequately staffed. Professional Development Develop workshops to be given at national ANS meetings to provide technical training and development opportunities for NISD members. Communications Continue to improve NISD communications by updating ANS position statements and other communications with ANS members, policy makers, and nuclear organizations that reflect NISD views on nuclear science and technology issues NISD Communications Web Page NISD website updated multiple times each year Includes: Mission statement Committee structure, member names, meeting minutes Newsletter archives Bylaws and Rules, PC Manual, Rules Awards & scholarship information Newsletters 2 newsletters published every year NISD is on Facebook NISD Contributions to ANS ANS Position Statements

#24 Nuclear Facility Safety Standards #46 Risk Informed & Performance Based Regulations for Nuclear Power Plants #51 Reactor Safety Position papers active and reviewed in 2009 Participation with Other Professional Societies Active Participation with EFCOG, IEEE, NHA, ASME, NEI Society Leadership Division Chair is co-chairing Presidents Special Committee on SMRs NISD members holding national offices and serve on national committees Full participation in PDC meetings and workshops Non-Meeting Publications ANS Std-10.4 WG RISC Committee ANS Fire PSA ANS 54.1 restarted in 2009 NISD Services to Membership Professional Development Severe accident training course in 2007 (Bob Henry) Source term methodology course in 2010 (Jofu Mishma) Scholarships

Saul Levine and Ray DiSalvo fully endowed and awarded annually Peer Recognition/Awards Tommy Thompson Award for Nuclear Safety 2006 - Joe Murphy 2007 - Dana Powers 2008 - Agustin Alonso 2009 - Shunsuke Kondo 2010 - David Diamond George C. Laurence Pioneering Award for Nuclear Safety 2007 - David Okrent 2010 - Raj Sehgal Student Support 2008 $5000 2009 $2250 disbursed, $4250 authorized 2010 - $5000 (budget) NISD Meetings National Meeting Participation Strong NISD Session Tracks at National Meetings Consistently exceed minimum paper for large Division Topicals Class I

2008 PSA-09 held in Knoxville 2011 PSA-11 to be held in Wilmington Class III 2009 Risk Assessment in Washington DC 2010 Safety & Technology of Nuclear Hydrogen Production in San Diego (with ESD) 2012 Advanced Nuclear Installation and System Safety 2012 Severe Accident Prevention and Mitigation 2013 Risk Management Class IV - 2009 National Hydrogen Association annual meeting in Columbia, SC (cosponsored) NISD Vitality Metrics Division Meetings Division Governance Division Contributions to Society Division Services to Membership National Meeting Participation Succession Planning

ANS Position Statements Professional Development Updated annually as part of S&T plan 24 Int Nuc Pwr Rx Safety Standards (Active) 46 Risk Informed & Perf Based (Active) 51 Reactor Safety (Active) NISD workshop program approved 2006 NISD workshop 2007 2009 Annual: 5 sessions, 0 panels 2009 Winter: 6 sessions, 1 panel Submitted 2009 Latest submittal Jan 2010 Position papers reviewed in 2009 Class I, Class II Topicals Membership Trends PSA 08 (252/244) -3.2% decrease 1659/1638 mbrs -1.3% change in 2006 1638/1643 mbrs +.3% change in 2007

1643/1653 mbrs +.7% change in 2008 1653/1671 mbrs +1.1% change in 2009 PSA 11 Awarded to Wilmington and Scheduled for March 2011 Class III Topicals Communications 2 newsletters in 2009 website updated in 2009 S&T of Nuc H2 07, Boston Risk Mgmt 09, Washington S&T of Nuc H2 10, San Diego Division Planning 2009-2013 S&T Plan submitted to PDC Chair 12/08 2010-2014 S&T Plan submitted to PDC Chair 1/10 Participation with Outside Professional Societies Source Term Prof. Development Workshop apprvd 2008 to be given in 2010 Scholarships

DiSalvo Scholarship Saul Levine Scholarship Both annually awareded Active Participation with EFCOG, IEEE, NHA, ASME, NRC/NRR, NEI Society Leadership 4 of 4 PDC Mtgs: 75% Exec Comm, & NPC Presented to Bod June 2008 Non-Meeting Publications Standards: Intl Nuclear Power Reactor Safety 2006 ANS Std-10.4 WG RISC Committee ANS Fire PSA ANS 54.1 initiated in 2009 Divisions Commitment to YMG Established YMG Liaison Sponsored technical session at Young Member Congress in Nov 2009 Peer Recognition/ Awards

Tommy Thompson Award (annual) George Laurence Award Student Support 2009 Student Conference 2009 Annual Meeting 2009 Winter Meeting Summary NISD Metrics and Measures are very healthy Areas of Success Strong member participation Outstanding program committee supporting both national meetings and topicals Strong support for students and YMG Knowledge transfer is critical for future Focus for Future Action Continue knowledge transfer thrust Student/YMG Professional Development Rebuild Class I topical meetings Ensure safety remains a critical success factor for the future of the nuclear industry

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