Agile Development Using Scrum

Agile Development Using Scrum

Agile Development Using Scrum Dan Retzlaff Management Information Chief - Applications Development Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction 26th Annual Management Information Systems [MIS] Conference Thursday, February 14, 2013 Objectives Review the Software Development Lifecycle and the problems it creates

Understand where Agile Methodology came from Review the Agile Scrum Process and Roles How Scrum has made an impact at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction 2 Traditional Thinking Traditional project management used for software development = Waterfall Method Requirements

Design Implementation Verification Maintenance 3 Problems with Waterfall Method Difficult to accommodate change once a process is underway Phases must be completed in a sequential order

Difficult to respond to changing customer requirements Few business systems have stable requirements 4 Photos are stock photos. Release for web use of all photos on file. 5 Agile Thinking A group of software development methodologies based on iterative incremental development

Simply, a different way to manage IT projects, teams, or any work involving a complex process 6 Agile Manifesto Individuals and interactions over process and tools Working Software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. 7 Scrum

Graph provided by VersionOne. 8 Key Scrum Beliefs People + = Product Practices Scrum requires a mental shift in the way people think

o A preference of People over Practices: understanding that solving complex problems requires brainpower, not recipes; o An understanding that the best Products are developed by having a Focus on User's Needs rather than relying on a requirements document; o The acceptance that Reality Trumps Expectations, so when reality and expectations don't match, it is the expectations that must change; o The preference for Self-Organizing Teams over either lone-wolf-ism or tightly controlled

management; and o The realization that each of us is part of a Team developing Product and that we are not simply People doing Work. 9 The Scrum Team The Scrum Team is a small (ideally 5-9) group of people that provides useful Products and Results for Stakeholders. Stakeholders o The most important role involved in Scrum o The reason a Team is developing a Product

Business Owner (BO) o A special stakeholder, often the Team's sponsor or champion and controls the budget for the Team Product Owner (PO) o Most important person on the Scrum Team o Works with Stakeholders to represent their interests to the Team o Held accountable for the value of the Team's results Scrum Team Members o Do the work (analysis, design, code, test, document, data quality checks, or whatever work is required for a desired outcome)

Scrum Master (SM) o Facilitator, moderator, and coach o Manages relationship between the PO and the Scrum Team o Focuses on team improvement Graphic referenced from Agile Atlas: 10 The Product Backlog A Scrum Team's work is managed with a Product Backlog o A collection of Product Backlog Items

o Items (User Stories) represent the stakeholders' needs and wants that add value to a product Team does not do anything for any Stakeholder unless it's in the backlog The Product Owner is responsible for prioritizing the Backlog 11 Release Planning

Visioning phase o PO and Stakeholders produce a Product Vision and Product Roadmap o Overall focus is on the Product o Not a part of Scrum Itself Stakeholders and Scrum Team negotiate what should be accomplished in a Release Once the Team has a Backlog that supports Release Goals, the Team starts Sprinting 12 Graphic referenced from Agile Atlas:

The Sprint Fundamental process flow of Scrum A short, fixed-length period of time Goal is to produce Backlog Items into renewable products that Stakeholders can provide feedback on Sprint Planning allows the PO to work with the Team to negotiate what Backlog Items the Team will work on in order to meet Release Goals

Scrum Master ensures Team agrees to realistic goals 13 The Sprint Diagram of Scrum sprint, taken from Scrum in five minutes from Southhouse Sprint Planning Sprint Review

Daily Scrum o Daily Standups Sprint Retrospective 14 Using Scrum at Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Started small by building a Product Backlog for one business area (Special Education). Provided some overall training and started sprinting from there. Team is currently on Sprint 39. The following Scrum teams have now been established:

o o o o o o Special Education Title I General Data Collections Teacher Licensing Business Office Business Intelligence 15 Using Scrum at

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Increased Productivity Keeps Teams Focused on Delivering Value Helps manage multiple projects with limited resources Improved Communications through Transparency Not as many individuals working in silos Team members no longer have to worry about over commitments made by management and unrealistic deadlines "As a manager, Agile has been very helpful in keeping me informed on a daily basis of a projects status. It is a great communication tool that stores all information

and communication regarding a project in a common location. It cuts down on face-time, maximizes production, and helps to ensure we meet our deadlines. Anita Castro Assistant Director, Special Education 16 Scrum Storyboards at Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Scrum Team Dashboards with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 17 Scrum Buildup Charts at Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Buildup charts are updated daily so that all Scrum Team members and Stakeholders are aware of the sprint's progress.

18 Products Released using Scrum (PTP) Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction WI State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicators #13 IEP: Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) To learn more about the Wisconsin's Special Education IEP: PTP click the link below: 19 Products Released using Scrum (School Directory) Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Wisconsin Public and Private School Directory You can view this site by clicking on the following link:

20 Advice for Implementing Scrum Create a vision. Start small - Scrum requires organizational culture change. Scrum can be used with any Complex System. It is not strictly used for Software Development.

Create a maturity model. Never give in to status quo! Scrum is Continuous Improvement. Get an Agile Coach. 21 Scrum Resources Book Recommendations

Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals Essential Scrum Agile Software Development with Scrum 22 Scrum Resources Online Recommendations The Scrum Guide by (Online Book) o 20Guides/Scrum_Guide.pdf

Scrum Alliance o Jeff Sutherland o Mountain Goat Software - Mike Cohn's Blog o 23

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