Advanced Media Delivery with Internet Information Services (IIS)

Advanced Media Delivery with Internet Information Services (IIS)

Advanced Media Delivery with Internet Information Services (IIS) Vishal Sood Program Manager Microsoft WSV301 Agenda Delivering Media with IIS Media Services Deliver existing content more effectively De-congest the First Mile Adapt to the Last Mile challenge Monetize and scale your Web Site Bring an end-to-end solution to life IIS Media Services Strategy

Web media platform to deliver best-in-class user experience and rich monetization tools built on cacheable HTTP User experience that smoothly scales to true HD Best quality for the moment given network/CPU Responsive interactivity (instant start/seek) Platform to make money on the web User engagement tracking and rich reporting Technology that scales to your business Industry-leading scale at lowest cost Cacheable HTTP to align with Web infrastructure Why Use IIS Media Services? Drive more site traffic and increase ad revenue

Attract and retain viewers w/engaging experiences Monetize by making more for each ad impression Give your users the best playback experience Make High-Definition (HD) on the Web a reality Never make your users wait for content Deliver the right bits at the right time Use platform components to monetize and scale Deliver Media/Web content from the same servers Track your users experience in real-time Scale out delivery with the needs of your business Progressive Download Movie

Progressive Download Movie Deliver Existing Content Better Bit Rate Throttling Save bandwidth send only what is watched Use Dynamic Throttling to apportion bandwidth Configure throttling for many content types Web Playlists Control content playback, enforcing order Monetize content in ad-funded scenarios WMS Deliver Live or On-Demand Windows Media

demo Getting the Most from Your Existing Content Improved Progressive Download Traditional Streaming Movie Traditional Streaming Setup Setup Packet Packet Play Play

Packet Packet Seek Seek Packet Packet Packet Packet Pause Pause

Packet Packet Progressive Download Movie Streaming and Prog. Download Smooth Streaming: Best of both approaches Traditional Traditional Streaming Streaming

Responsive User User Responsive Responsive User Experience Experience Bandwidth Experience Use Bandwidth Use User Tracking

User Bandwidth Tracking Use User Tracking Progressive Progressive Download Download Works from from aa Web Web Works

Works from a Web Server Server World-wide Server scale World-wide scale w/HTTP w/HTTP World-wide scale w/HTTP Challenges

Challenges First First Mile Mile Challenge Challenge Limited Limited cacheability cacheability Separate, Separate, smaller smaller streaming streaming networks networks

Limited Limited User User Experience Experience User User tracking tracking Bandwidth Bandwidth Use Use (20% (20% watched) watched) Designed Designed to

to lowest lowest common denominator common denominator The "First Mile" Challenge Media Origin Media Edges Challenge: Scale (The Day Live Web Video Streaming Failed Us)

Smooth Streaming Movie Smooth Streaming Video @ 01:04? Video @ 01:06? Video @ 01:08? Traditional Streaming Play Packet Packet Seek Packet

Packet Packet Packet Pause Packet Packet Packet Packet Progressive Download Movie De-congesting theHTTP

"First Mile" HTTP Edge Servers HTTP Distribution Servers HTTP Origin Remote Region Enterprise

ISP Overcome "First Mile" Challenge Smooth Streaming stateless Reduced load on the origin Make best use of the internet All HTTP servers in the path can cache and serve Quick response and no first mile congestion Scale-out your network as needed Start small and scale with ease The "Last Mile" Challenge Low Bandwidth Fast CPU

Best quality I can download Edge Server Best quality I can render High Bandwidth Slow CPU High Bandwidth Fast CPU

The Last Mile from Server to Client Best quality, period Conditions change every second Adapting Bit Rate in Real-Time 300K @ 00:00? 700K @ 00:02? 2.4M @ 00:04? 1.5M @ 00:06? 2.4M @ 00:08?

00:00 2.4M 00:02 00:04 00:06 00:08 300K (start quickly) 700K (good network) 2.4M (great network) 1.5M (glitch) 2.4M (play on)

300K Bit Rate Heuristics Adapt to the "Last Mile" Smooth Streaming adapt bit rate in real-time Best experience possible for conditions Right content at the right time Give your users the best experience Video playback does not stop Best quality for network/CPU at any point in time Instant start-up, instant seek

Leverage HTTP cache-ability Get better QoS w/the reach of HTTP caches Smart Client Heuristics self-correct video delivery One caching infrastructure (HTTP) not two demo Smooth Streaming: How it works Smooth Streaming - Recap True HD delivery for Live and OD content Provide Rich DVR capabilities for Live Client and Server Platform Cacheable HTTP Scale and TCO

Monitor your network in real-time Report real-time analytics Real-time Monitoring and Analytics Edge Server Advanced Logging Server r Use E rie

e p x n ata D ce demo Advanced Logging - Real-time monitoring Using an HTTP Delivery Network HTTP

HTTP Edge Servers HTTP Distribution Servers HTTP Origin Remote Region Enterprise ISP

Using Smooth Streaming Media Origin Media Distribution Servers Media Edge Servers Monetizing and Scaling Live Smooth Streaming Cacheable HTTP delivery for Live events

Network Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Advanced Logging Real-time integration for log data Rich user engagement data to improve ROI Centralized client logging for large networks Origin, Distribution, Edge Each adds unique value to light up the network Smooth Streaming Ecosystem Experience Create Application

Encode Content Deliver Content Smooth Streaming Workflow Create the Silverlight Experience using Expression Studio Encode media content using Expression Encoder 2 SP1+ Publish the content and Silverlight experience to IIS Server Deliver using IIS Media Services Consume content in Silverlight

demo Smooth Streaming Client Experiences IIS Media Services Roadmap Deliver Existing Content Better Q4 2008 Bitrate Throttling Web Playlists Overcome First Mile & Last Mile Q2 2009 Smooth Streaming Monetize and Scale Your Site Q4 2009

Live Smooth Streaming Advanced Logging Edge Caching (Origin, Distribution, Edge Servers) Summary and Call-to-Action Reasons to use Media and Smooth Streaming Light up your Web Site with Media Give your users the best playback experience Use platform components to scale and monetize Start with IIS Media Services today by Optimizing your Prog. DL content (1.0) Overcome First Mile and Last Mile w/Smooth Streaming

(2.0) Using Live, Advanced Logging, and Edge Caching (3.0) Try IIS Media Services at Expression Encoder: Silverlight: Resources Sessions On-Demand & Community Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers Microsoft Certification and Training Resources Windows Server Resources Make sure you pick up your copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 RC from the Materials Distribution Counter

Learn More about Windows Server 2008 R2: Technical Learning Center (Orange Section): Highlighting Windows Server 2008 and R2 technologies Over 15 booths and experts from Microsoft and our partners Related Content WSV304 Deploying and Managing Scalable Web Server Farms with IIS 7.0 WSV205 Extend your Web Server: What's New in IIS and the Microsoft Web Platform WSVS04-HOL Delegating the Administration of IIS 7.0 to Remote Users WUX403 End-to-End Extensibility for IIS7 Developers

Track Resources IIS Media Services Landing Page Expression Encoder Landing Page Silverlight Landing Page IIS Landing Page Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win!

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