Academic Integrity:Student version

Academic Integrity:Student version

Academic Honesty: The Legal and Ethical Use of Information Ontario School Library Association, copyright 2002 Revised by the Earl Haig SS Library October 2007 Agenda 1. What do you already know 2. Clarifying what we mean by academic honesty

3. The mechanics of citation 4. Challenges: 1. Understanding Works Cited lists 2. Paraphrasing correctly So whats the problem? Widespread phenomenon On the increase Academic dishonesty is an ethical issue

Academic dishonesty is a legal issue Plagiarism in the real world Textbook plagiarism in a best sell er - the case against Ann Coulter Academic Dishonesty/ Plagiarismits like... lip-synching to someone elses voice and accepting the applause

and rewards for yourself Owl Online Writing Lab. Writing a Research Paper. Purdue University. 2002 What Should I Cite? You must give credit for: any ideas which are not your own any photos or images which are not your own direct quotations from a text statistics, unusual facts

What counts as plagiarism/ academic dishonesty? using an essay previously used in another course copying a friends homework or project using another persons ideas as your own Copying and posting from a subscription database or Internet site What counts as

plagiarism /academic dishonesty? buying a paper finding an essay in a foreign language and using a program to translate it faking a citation direct quotation from a source without citation paraphrasing but not citing the source Why do students plagiarize? They tell

us. I didnt know I was plagiarizing I dont really understand the concepts of academic honesty and plagiarism I didnt think I could do a good job on my own Im not confident that my research and writing skills are as developed as they should be .

Why do students plagiarize? They tell I didnt have time us. I have a heavy workload at school, a parttime job, responsibilities at home I was under a lot of pressure

School is very competitive and I need top marks to get into college or university I thought I could get away with it Lots of other students do Caught! Teachers know you and your writing style Teachers read widely on their subject Teachers, teacher-librarians and administrators work as a team to trace

questionable information High-tech programs are available to detect plagiarism Busted! Consequences might be a zero dismissal from a course suspension or expulsion legal proceedings

Who gets hurt? The creator of the work Students Parents Teachers

Society Please remember... The goal of every teacher is to help you develop the skills and attitudes that will make academic dishonesty a non-issue Teachers mark process. They want to see a progression from the initial selection of a topic, the gathering of resources, the synthesis of information, and the creation of the final product.

Academic Honesty: Give credit where credit is due Acknowledge your sources of ideas and information when you write a research paper, create a poster, post a web site or do a presentation Using information in a legal

and ethical way Dont look for short cuts. Give yourself time Be confident in the value of your own ideas

Be yourself in your writing Develop strong research and literacy skills Ask for assistance What research and writing skills are needed ? Good Note-taking Linking notes to the info source Paraphrasing Knowing how and when to cite

sources Help is there for the asking Teachers and teacher-librarians School research and essay writing guides TDSB Student Research Guide The Internet The University of Guelph Learning Commons OWL at Purdue University: Avoiding Plagiarism plag.html

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