A short guide to using the ETSI PowerPoint Template

A short guide to using the ETSI PowerPoint Template

ETSI TC MTS WG TST introduction Presented by: MTS TST For: Joint MTS/NFV Session 22.5.2019 ETSI 2019 ETSI TC MTS: WG TST Terms of reference: studies, guidelines, test catalogues and test specifications for specific ICT technologies (not covered elsewhere) conformance, interoperability, security and performance testing initial technical focus of TST will be: IoT network layer (communication protocols, node connectivity, edge computing etc.).

IoT layer (data accumulation and aggregation) Application layer (interfaces, business processes etc.) ETSI 2019 2 MTS TST Work Programme IEC 62443-4-2 CoAP LoRaWAN MQTT Vul. database

https://portal.etsi.org/tb.aspx?tbid=860&SubTB=860 ETSI 2019 3 Background Test Description Language Design, documentation, representation of formalised test descriptions Scenario-based approach Testing and Test Control Notation Specification and implementation of all kinds of black-box tests Component-based approach ETSI 2019 4

4 Sample OPCUA Services Test Purpose using TDL OPCUA part 6, e.g.: FindServer Using TDL-TO, e.g.: Condition Domain: entities, events, pics Event sequence TRIGGER Expectation ETSI 2019 5

The foundation for security certification IEC 62443 as basis Industrial Generic security requirements IoT Functional AND process security requirements Rail Medical Being established as horizontal standard IEC 62443 Supports domain-specific profiles

ETSI 2019 6 IoT profile IEC 62443 subset to define minimum IoT security IEC 62443-4-2 (component requirements) Basic IoT security profile Focus on SL1 Excluded aspects: Auditing Central Security Management Secure boot DoS- /malicious code protection Basic IoT security requirements

Test development ETSI 2019 7 Sample Security Test Purpose using TDL Foundational TPs, e.g.: Authenticator feedback Password lifetime Session lock Account changeability Using TDL-TO, e.g.: Domain: entities, events, pics Event sequence Time label and time constraint

ETSI 2019 TRIGGER Expectation 8 IoT-Testware Big Picture TSS TP ATS

Reporting ETS Logging ETSI 2019 TP: Test Purpose TSS: Test Suite Structure ATS: Abstract Test Suite ETS: Executable TS SUT: System Under Test 9 OPC-UA co-operation and vision Technical co-operation Presentation of testing methodologies TDL and TTCN-3 workshop

Samples: MQTT and CoAP Main supporters: AUDI, Ericsson, Spirent, DEKRA Exam, Sintesio/Iskratel, EGM, Fraunhofer, Eclipse IoT-Testware (Open source) Liaison approach 1) ETSI partnership type 2 (MoU) including observers and exchange of working documents (tbd) 2) Initial working meeting, e.g. together with OPCF compliance group (29 May in Berlin) 3) Technical introduction on OPC-UA tests using TTCN-3 (IoT-Testware) ETSI 2019 10

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