A Child Welfare Response To Human Trafficking

A Child Welfare Response To Human Trafficking

Welcome to DCFs Response to Human Trafficking and Sexually Exploited Children and Youth Legislative Historical Context 2004 SB No. 5358 Interagency Task Force on Trafficking in Persons - DCF Appointed 2005 DCF commences HT Training with focus on international victims

2006 SB 153 = PA No. 06-43 Criminal penalties established 2007 SB 1500 - OVA/Judicial Contract with NGOs for services Adult/International 2007 SB 398 = PA No. 07-107 Trafficking in Persons Council Adult/International 2010 SB 153 = Public Act No. 10-115 AN ACT PROVIDING A SAFE HARBOR FOR

2011 SB 1044 eff. 10/1/11 AN ACT REQUIRING THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN EXPLOITED CHILDREN (CSEC / DMST) AND FAMILIES TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN A YOUTH IS ARRESTED FOR PROSTITUTION. (CSEC/DMST) DCF Internal Response Time Line 2005 HT training focus international and investigative (3x year in service) 2008 (April call from IIC re. possible international child victim. Hotline staff and IIC created protocol on spot) 2009 DCF HT team established to create

response policies and protocols Eff. 2010 Implemented HT Policy & Procedures Expand training to all agency staff Legislative Focus Training and Public Awareness Services to Trafficking Victims (International adult sex and labor trafficking victims) Funding Appropriations for AntiTrafficking Activities Changed From Criminals to Victims Protection and Services CT DCF HT Child Victim Data Number of victims: 2008 victims 4

2010 victims 31 2009 victims 30 2011 victims 13 Trafficking type: DMST/CSE Vulnerability: All victims were on runaway/ AWOL status; All victims had experienced sexual abuse and/or neglect Gender: 100% female Age range: 13 18 Referrals: DCF Social Workers, Law enforcement, congregate care facilities, CSSD, public defenders office, NGOs Hotline Intake - The Initial Agency Response And The

Process Determine if the information reported is Human Trafficking or other types of Abuse/ Neglect Determine the appropriate response and time Area Office Response After Hours Response Tracking Data / Numbers CT DCF Human Trafficking Training Training is offered once per month and included in certification programs. Training is represented with gender equality. Training will be expanded to three days Specialized Trauma Informed Clinicians

conducted training for a clinical population and a separate training for individuals who works with the identified female population Paul And Lisa Org. worked with our youth in group homes and facilities My Life My Choice Met With youth in an Area Office Lessons Learned (All) Every case is going to be different Every case is not an automatic accept Learning something new with each case

Correlation Between Runaway Females In Care And Becoming a Victim Victims needs vary from cases to case The standard rules about placement and services do not apply their needs are immediate! Challenges and Next Steps Involve Law Enforcement As Early As Possible Standardize Services For all Victims Mandatory Training For All Staff, Adolescent Workers And Supervisors First Culture Change / Language Change Policy / Protocol Revisions Adding or Designating Responsible Leads Tracking

Victims by Regions Victims by Regions 12, 20% 14, 23% 11, 18% 19, 31% 5, 8% Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Victims

by Area Office Victims by Office N/A 3 Willimantic 2 Waterbury 5

Torrington 1/2009 - 12/2010 3 Stamford 0 Norwich 2 Norwalk 1 New Britain

4 New Haven 14 Milford 2 Middletown 1 Meriden 2

Manchester 2 Hartford 8 Danbury 4 Bridgeport 8 0

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

DCF Policy 31-10-6.1 Entitled: Intake and Investigative Response to Human Trafficking of Children Effective Date of this new policy: January 13, 2010 SB 1044 or Public Act 11180 An Act concerning notification by the Department of Children and Families when a youth is arrested for prostitution and out-of-state placements of children and youth. Effective: October 1, 2011 SB 153 or PA 10-115 An act providing a Safe Harbor for

Exploited Children Approved June 7, 2010 Sexual Assault/AWOL Work Group Report This is a DRAFT report Dated 2/22/11 Recommend next steps are in 3 phases New Work Group has reformatted and removed redundancies DCF Protocol for Human Trafficking / DMST

Draft Revised on 7/13/11 Review steps of Protocol Still in development Need to develop: Accept/Non-accept Service Provision And others RBA Approach Results Statement Divided into 2 strategies Strategy 1: PREVENTION of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) and other types of trafficking Strategy 2: INTERVENTION for

Children and Adolescents who have been victims of DMST and other types of trafficking Next Steps Identification of next steps Development of timeline Feedback loop

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