6th Grade Reading and English Presentation

6th Grade Reading and English Presentation

6th Grade ELA Presentation January 20th , 2015 Goal for this presentation: to provide you with useful information regarding Academic and PreAP/GT English Language Arts (ELA) classes

PreAP/GT Test into GT ELA Pure GT classes Mixed PreAP/GT 6th grade academic/PreAP/GT English Language Arts (ELA) is on the college readiness track. focused on the application of reading and writing skills.

taught in a 90 minute block. A Successful ELA Student: is prepared to: read everyday. participate in the writing process. work independently and collaboratively on reading and English assignments.

show mastery of skills on a variety of assessments. Reading Skills Plot Structure Literary Elements Poetry analysis Connecting similarities/differences among different genres Independent Reading (choice)and

Class Novels (teacher choice) Writing Skills The writing process : expository writing (emphasis) personal narrative writing persuasive writing poetry analysis writing Grammar skills : (SS, predicate ,V, N, PN,Adj, Adv.) action/helping/linking verbs, predicate

adjectives, object of the preposition, indefinite pronouns sentence structures (simple, compound, complex), independent/dependent clauses So how do you choose the best placement for your child in an ELA class? Academic or PreAP? Academic ELA students

o receive more time to grasp concepts. o practice skills in small groups first then complete an activity independently. o receive more guided instruction while reading. *Academic class sizes are typically smaller than PreAP and G/T classes. PreAP students o grasp concepts quickly and

independently. o make deep connections across genres. o comprehend above grade level material. o initiate interest in learning new For PreAP, ask yourself 1. Does your child master concepts quickly with 1-2 repetitions, or does he/she need 4 or more repetitions?

2. Does your child manage efficiently in a fast paced classroom environment? 3. Is your child self directed, or does he/ she need multiple reminders? 4. Is your child able to make deep connections when reading? Example of Reading Text Academic PreAP/GT

Excerpt from Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings: Excerpt from The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander: As I sat on the steps of the boathouse, remembering, goose bumps popped up on my arms, and an awful

scenario washed over me like a sudden chill, weakening my muscles and nearly taking my breath away (Cummings 98). To Tarans ear, the melody had its own words, weaving a supple thread among the rising notes. Home, home, they sang;

and beyond the words themselves, so fleeting he could not be sure of them (Alexander 128). Differentiated Reading PreAP (mastery of previously taught skills)

independent reading with deep analysis rigorous acquisition of skills above level vocabulary Academic guided/independent then deep analysis more time for acquisition of skills

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