5th Grade Unit 1 Health - Home - Buckeye Valley

5th Grade Unit 1 Health - Home - Buckeye Valley

Syllabus Get To Know You Game 5 th

Grade Unit 1 Health Lesson 1 What is Health?? Health - a combination of physical, mental/ emotional,

and social well-being Health Triangle Good health is often pictured as

an equilateral triangle (three equal sides). Physical Health

Exercise a day 60 minutes Physical Health Healthy

Eating Physical Health Getting enough rest

Physical Health Visit Doctor once a year Visit

Dentist twice a year Physical Health Avoid harmful substances

Mental/Emotional Health Ability to solve problems and handle daily events in your life Mental/Emotional

Health Face challenges in a positive yet realistic way Mental/Emotional Health Patient

skill with yourself while learning a new Mental/Emotional Health Taking

action to reach your goal Mental/Emotional Health Learning stress management

Social Health How you relate to people at home, at school, and everywhere else in your world

Social Health Be friendly and open toward other people Social Health Be

supportive of family members and friends Social Health Follow through when you make

promises Healthy Habits Habit a pattern of behavior that you follow almost without

thinking Good Health Habits Choosing healthy foods

Participating in regular physical activity Learning Getting

how to handle stress along with others 3 Dimensional Health Triangle Directions: Follow the steps below to create a 3

dimensional triangle. 1. Place your piece of paper on your desk. 2. Gather you suppliesscissors, glue, markers, and colored pencils. 3. Line up one of the short edges of paper with one of the long edges to form a triangle. Fold and cut off the leftover rectangle.

4. Fold the triangle in half: then unfold. The folds will form an X dividing the paper into four equal sections. 5. Cut along one fold line: and stop at the middle. This forms two triangular flaps. Draw a light X on one tab (next to the cut).

6. Label each of the other trianglesone PHYSICAL, one, MENTAL/EMOTIONAL, one SOCIAL. 7. Decorate each of the triangles with one thing that you do to

keep yourself healthy in that area. 8. Write a sentence to go with your picture. 9.

Fold the X flap under the other flap, and glue together to make a three-sided pyramid. 10. Make sure your pyramid is neat and colorful. 3 Dimensional Health

Triangle Decision Making Lesson 2 Setting and Reaching Your Goals

Why Set Goals? Goal setting is a powerful tool Shapes your future Helps you focus Helps give you a sense of purpose Helps you make good decisions

Helps you determine how far you have come and how far you want to go Reaching a goal can boost your self-confidence Long Term Goals A goal that you plan to reach over an

extended period of time Likely to take months or years to reach Short Term Goals Is a goal that you can achieve in a short length of time

Takes a few days to a few weeks to achieve Strategies for Attaining a Goal A goal-setting plan is a series of steps for you to take to reach a goal

Goal-Setting Plan Steps of a goal-setting plan Set a realistic goal and write it down List the steps you need to take to reach that goal Find others who can help and support you

Set checkpoints to evaluate your progress Reward yourself after reaching your goal Setting Your Own Goal Turn to the goal setting sheet in your packet. Follow the directions to help you create a goal setting plan for your self.

Once you have completed the goal setting sheet you will be using this sheet to create a comic strip using your goal. If time allows we will be creating our comic strips on the computer! Character

Lesson 3 Character the way you think, feel, and act Reflected in your attitudes, views, and words watch video

Traits of Good Character Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship

How Does Character Develop? Shaped by your family and others around you

Influenced by your experiences in life and your values Character Banner Character Posters

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