UK Medical Education and the Medical Selection Process Simon Fitch, Head, International Development, St Georges, University of London Kim Piper, Head of Admissions, Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London UK Medical Education 36 medical schools awarding Primary Medical Qualifications rich history (but limited numbers) of international students Diversity in: History

Size of intake/university Curricula Undergraduate and Graduate Entry Application processes Applications and access for international students (the 7.5%) new approaches Recent developments and innovation

UK Medical Education UK undergraduate medical programmes Finishing school What will I do? Clinical Science years, plus short general practice and community visits; Case Based Learning Medicine 5 or 6 year programme Year 1 Year 2 Problem Based Learning and clinical rotations Clinical Transition Year

Advanced Biomedical study and independent research project BSc (optional in 5 year programme) Clinical rotations in a variety of hospital departments; revision, exams and teaching sessions Penultimate Year Final Year Foundation/Residency Application statistics 2014 entry statistics Queen Mary, University of

London St Georges, University of London Total applications 2629 2791 Places available (Home/EU) 253 239 Places available (Overseas) 24

50 Rejected prior to interview 1729 1637 Invited to interview 900 1086 Offered a place 420 424

Check the academic selection process GCSE scoring best of 8/9 or overall average? A level or IB school: check beyond the minimum, tariff How many A levels in one sitting? Further Maths A level check if accepted

Check UCAS website for Tariff points and declare them eg EPQ in the scoring area of the UCAS form Check if you need to declare module grades Choosing the best students UCAS (academic) October 15th deadline* UKCAT or BMAT

Interview Decision A variety of processes Components U/G entry Number of Public Medical Schools Pre-Application questionnaires 3 UCAS for Academic Record All UCAS for Non-Academic record

24 Personal statement is scored Approx. 70% of institutions using UCAS for non-academic record UKCAT 25 BMAT 7 No U/G Entrance Exam 1

Own selection test 1 Interview (all students) 33 Minimum academic entry requirements QUEEN MARY ST GEORGES 6 GCSEs at grades AAABBB or above (in any order) to include Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry (or double science), English Language and Maths (or additional Maths or Statistics) Chemistry and Biology at AS level

410 Tarriff points and UKCAT 50:50 weighting AAAb from three A2s and one further AS (one must be Chemistry or Biology + another science if not both taken) 8 GCSEs/IGCSEs at average grade A, to include Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English AAA at A level. If a fourth subject is offered to A2 or AS level, a minimum grade of B must be obtained. Must include Biology and Chemistry Alternatively, IB diploma with 666 at HL and 666 at SL, must include Biology and Chemistry, at least one to HL UKCAT with minimum 500 in each section, plus overall cut-off

The best students Bright Mature Well organised Thoughtful Empathetic Honest The best students The personal statement Write it themselves Ensure it does them justice Explain any contradictions Make sure its in English Emphasise their WORK EXPERIENCE and its relevance for them

Think about team working, communication Personal statement / Extra-curricular Use for screening prior to interview Many schools dont use it. Some use it in a limited fashion Likely to be partly replaced by SJT Use for supporting the interview How examples in extracurricular activities can support your answers in the interviews or MMI Team working evidence Work experience Aptitude tests UKCAT & BMAT key dates 2015

DATE UKCAT BMAT Test registration begins 01 May 2015 01 September 2015 Test registration ends 22 September 2015 01 October 2015

Testing begins 01 July 2015 04 November 2015 Testing ends 06 October 2015 04 November 2015 Release of results On day of testing 24 November 2015 The UKCAT

Personnel Consortium of 26 universities (Medicine and Dentistry Pearson VUE, Team Focus and TUNRA Computer Based Testing on screen, not online 150 UK High-Street testing locations and in 97 other countries worldwide Independent from schools assessment Candidate initiative for booking Identical testing experience for candidates Security and identification checking Scheduling to take the test at a time and location convenient to the candidate The UKCAT what is it? Explores the cognitive powers and other attributes considered to be valuable for

healthcare professionals No specific curriculum or science content No revision required but questions practice advised (see UKCAT website) Section Items UKCAT Standard Test UKCAT Extended Test (includes 1 minute (includes 2 minutes per subtest per subtest for instruction) for instruction) Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning

44 22 minutes 28 minutes 36 25 minutes 31.5 minutes Abstract Reasoning 55 14 minutes 17.5 minutes

Decision Analysis 28 32 minutes 39 minutes 67 27 minutes 34 minutes 120 minutes 150 minutes

Situational Judgement Total time Scoring 300-900 300-900 300-900 300-900 1-5 The BMAT

Pen and paper test In sections 1 & 2, average score is 5; 7 is exceptional Section 3 is an essay marked by 2 examiners Used differently by the medical schools as hurdle or composite Crucially results are in November after the UCAS deadline of 15th October Test Aptitude and skills Scientific Knowledge and Applications Writing task Questions 35 Minutes 60 Scoring

1-9 27 30 1-9 1 from choice of 4 30 0-5 for content A-E for English Interviews different approaches Semi-structured interview Multi mini interview (MMI)

Panel interview (increasingly rare) Semi-structured interview Same questions to all candidates Blind scored Scoring criteria Trained interviewers Semi-structured interview Prior to interview candidates are sent a scenario

This is used as a discussion topic in the interview Interviews are structured and 15-20 minutes long with two experienced staff interview panel members scored Decisions made at the end of the interview cycle Semi-structured interview Britain's only saviour sibling twins At the age of two, little do they know it but Amy and Anthony Maguire are Britain's only 'saviour sibling'

twins, created to be donors for their sick older brother. Semi-structured interview Appreciates complexity Sympathetic Has researched background ethical issues Can cope with alternative views

Multi Mini Interview (MMI) Increasingly common Speed dating as candidates move around a number of stations completing different activities Same experience for every candidate Each activity scored independently by a different assessor

Multi Mini Interview (MMI) core competencies Academic ability and intellect Empathy Initiative and resilience Communication skills Organisation and problem solving Team work

Insight and integrity Effective learning style Multi Mini Interview (MMI) sample questions Describe some of the challenges facing healthcare systems as a result of an ageing population. How could these challenges be confronted? You are a doctor, responsible for two patients both of whom need a kidney transplant. One is a 70-year-old man who has spent his life raising money for disabled war veterans. The other is a 27-year-old

single mother whose illness is a result of a drug addiction. Only one kidney is available. Who would you give it to, and why? Explain to a mentally handicapped child how to read an analogue clock. Resources Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry www.smd.qmul.ac.uk St Georges, University of London www.sgul.ac.uk Medical Schools Council www.medschools.ac.uk

General Medical Council www.gmc.org.uk Biomedical Admissions Test www.admissionstestingservice.org/ for-test-takers/bmat/ UK Clinical Aptitude Test www.ukcat.ac.uk Taste of Medicine - www.tasteofmedicine.com Thank you Question time! Thank You - [email protected]

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