48x36 Trifold Poster Template

48x36 Trifold Poster Template

School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Assessment and Implementation Grants
Dr. Delores Walcott Communication Liaison, Dr. Melissa Villarreal Communication Liaison, Dr. Doris Ravotas, Dr. Susan Caulfield, Dr. John Coons,
Dr. Janet Hahn, Dr. Kathryn Lewis-Ginebaugh, Amy Brunner

Western Michigan University
Gaining perspective

What is the SIHP?
The School of Interdisciplinary Health Programs
(SIHP) at Western Michigan University brings
together academic programs which focus on core
cross-disciplinary, interprofessional
competencies needed for effective practice in
health care and human services.
The school includes the innovative Center for
Gerontology and the Bachelor of Science in
Interdisciplinary Health Services program, which
provides excellent educational opportunities for
students interested in a variety of health and
human services professions and careers.
A graduate certificate for Gerontology will be
available in Fall 2015, and a Masters in Public
Health program will be implemented in Fall 2016,
pending approvals.

Diversity Surveys
October 2014
One for SIHP students
One for SIHP administrators, faculty, and staff
Goal: To gather an account of your experience and
viewpoint regarding diversity on campus for as many
respondents as possible, using a series of statements and
a four-point rating scale.

14 of 20 (70%) administrators, faculty, and staff; and
182 of 993 (18%) students responded to the surveys.

>90% feel that diversity is respected at WMU overall.
>90% feel that the SIHP offers support and resources
sensitive to students needs.
>75% feel empowered to educate others about
oppression and isms.
11% of students agree that their classmates often make
insensitive comments (See below).

Project objectives



SIHP student, on diversity becoming more
engrained in class curricula:
I feel like a lot of students would like thatI
feel like people are actually interested in
engaging in that conversation. Its just that they
dont know how to start it sometimes.

In addition to surveys and focus groups, project
leaders have taken the following steps to facilitate
awareness and engagement with diversity in the
SIHP within the past few months:

Required all SIHP faculty and staff to read the
Campus Climate Executive Summary.

Focus Groups
November 2014
One for SIHP students
One for SIHP administrators, faculty, and staff
Goal: to delve deeper into the perceptions of diversity at
WMU as reflected by the surveys, and to brainstorm ideas
to create a more inclusive environment within the SIHP.

Four students attended the focus group. Many of the
questions directed at the students opened engaging
discussions on the experiences and challenges of
students with diverse backgrounds. A couple of students
expressed that diversity is not addressed in their classes.
Overall, the students agreed that WMU as a whole is
accepting of students of diverse backgrounds and needs.

Added an offering of the course HSV 4350:
Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Health
Services for the Spring 2015 semester.

Administering post-surveys to students, and to
administrators, faculty, and staff toward the end of
the Spring 2015 semester.
Reviewing school website, course platforms, and
personal websites for reflection and
encouragement of diversity.
Giving faculty and internship supervisors
opportunities to develop in areas of diversity and
inclusion, and incentivize their efforts.
Encouraging students to become involved in
local activities serving diverse populations and
faculty to lead such activities.
Recommending ways to attract faculty and staff
to positions of diverse groups to the Director of the
Reflecting diversity in all materials marketing
school programs.
Taking steps toward implementation of a prePeace Corps program to be established in Fall

Offered opportunity for SIHP faculty to attend the
original piece of documentary theater Check Your
Privilege at the University Theatre.
Appointed a student from the SIHP to act as a
Diversity and Inclusion Representative to the
Student Leadership Council of CHHS.

The SIHP would like to express our sincere
gratitude to the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for
their generous funding of this project, and for
their commitment to working toward racial
equity in our community.

Resources for poster

Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
Several suggestions were provided for the SIHP,
Establishing funds to assist students with textbook costs.
Being mindful of students with learning disabilities or
language barriers.
Diversifying images on office walls.
Implementing a Safe Place program for the SIHP.
Increasing training on student accommodations.

Future Plans
In the upcoming months, project leaders will
continue to increase knowledge and engagement
with diversity and inclusion in the SIHP through a
number of initiatives, including:

Distributed Diversity Discussion Series and Events
for 2014-2015 academic year from the WMU Office
of Diversity and Inclusion to faculty and staff.

Objectives for the Assessment and
Implementation Grants include:
1.To be able to provide a cultural shift in the SIHP
that will lead to an increase in the recruitment and
retention of a diverse student body to our
2.To continue to improve upon the work of the
campus climate endeavor by identifying
immediate, short-term, and long-term actions that
will help shape and address inequities that exist in
the SIHP program, with attention given to reducing
fears of reporting inequities;
3.To develop workshops and seminars
(incorporating our findings) for groups of students,
faculty, administrators, and staff who are interested
in helping to combat issues related to diversity,
inequity, and lack of inclusion in the SIHP;
4. To provide training in-services to faculty and
staff via conference, webinars and team meetings
that will serve to advance the multicultural
competencies of SIHP faculty, staff and
5. To decrease problematic behaviors including
both intentional and non-intentional discrimination;
6. To secure additional funding to sustain our
efforts; and
7. To create a supportive environment.

Engaging Diversity

Im there to learn, and youre there to teach. So
I hold you (professors) to a high standard and I
try to meet that standard.
SIHP student


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