4.02 Understand promotional channels used to communicate with ...

4.02 Understand promotional channels used to communicate with ...

5.04 Understand Promotional Channels Used To Communicate With Targeted Audiences Advertising Media The channels of communication-information travels through them to consumers Types of advertising media 1. Publications 2. Broadcast Media 3. Direct Mail 4. The Web 5. Other Media

Types of Publications Newspapers Great way to get in touch with customers because they reach a large audience Anyone can place an advertisement Very popular advertising medium Factors on which newspapers vary How often they are published: daily, weekly

Their size: broadsheet size (most common), tabloid size (National Enquirer) What geographic areas they cover: national, , state, local Whom they are intended to target: Wall Street Journal, The Atlanta Voice Types of Publications Types of Magazines Consumer magazines: magazines

people read for personal enjoyment. They target a very specific audience (People, Sports Illustrated, Teen Vogue) Business Magazines: appeal to people in all different industries Business Week and Fortune are aimed at a general population of workers Trade magazines are aimed at specific areas of business or occupations

Types of Publications Broadcast Media Television & Radio (time media) Television Most influential, best-selling type of advertising media Offers many different advertising options including network, cable, satellite, and local channels Purchase options for television advertising Network TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) reaches a very broad audience, but very expensive

Cable or Satellite allows you to target a more specific audience, less expensive then network TV Local TV advertising, popular with small businesses, cheaper and targets a small, highly specific audience Other Purchase Options For TV Advertising Infomercial 30 minute commercial Home shopping networks (QVC) Sponsor a specific TV program, like Hallmark Hall of Fame presentations Create your own TV channel (Hallmark,

OWN) Types of Publications Radio An effective and affordable advertising medium Allows you to target a very specific group of consumers Is changing as more stations go nationwide Types of Direct-Mail Advertising Printed Mail Sales letters, catalogs, flyers, postcards

Relatively inexpensive Could be considered junk mail Must be sent to the right people Electronic Mail Delivered to e-mail Quick, easy, inexpensive Could be perceived as junk Web Advertising Create a company web site Customers could learn about your business Find contact information and locations

Place orders online Place business ads on other peoples web sites or on a portal (Google, AOL) Out-of-Home Media Poster panels/billboards Could be painted on the side of a building Indoor billboards found in subways, office buildings

Spectaculars large, elaborate electrical signs Transit posters advertisements on buses and bus shelters Human directionals people wearing or holding signs to advertise for a business Aerial blimps, hot air balloons, other airborne displays Specialty Advertising Remind people about

your business An item must pass three criteria to qualify as specialty media 1. Must have the businesss name or logo on it 2. Must be a useful item such as a pen or baseball cap 3. It must be given away

Directory Advertising Informs people about how to contact a particular business, often with a telephone number, street address or Web address Some (Yellow Pages) target a specific geographic area May target a specific group of people such as students at a university or college Movie Theater and Product Placement Movie Theater

Increasing in popularity Includes on-screen advertising before the presentation of the feature film as well as posters, stand-ups, and other ads in the lobby Product Placement Product manufacturers pay millions of dollars for the right to use their brands as movie props Hope viewers become loyal to their products Brands in movies, TV and computer games continues to increase Seinfeld Product Placement

Telemarketing Calling prospective customers on the phone as well as providing a number for people to call Companies purchase 800-numbers so that customers can call toll-free Most companies choose numbers that are easy to remember DVD and CD-ROM Advertising Disney is very successful using

DVD Advertising Customers can receive a free DVD upon request that introduces them to Disney theme parks and hotels Want customers to be so excited that they immediately purchase their Disney vacation package CD-ROM Customers receive free computer

software introducing them to a particular program or Internet service Hope they purchase the real thing Trends Affecting Advertising Media A New Way to Talk Short messaging service (SMS): allows people to send text message advertisements over cell phones Smishing: people pose as banks and send text messages requesting victims account numbers and passwords Virtual Worlds

Second Life Advertisers can put up posters in Second Life malls Can rent out ad space at special Second Life businesses Can create an avatar for the company Trends Affecting Advertising Media Avoiding advertisers Do-Not-Call registries Online pop-up ad filters Spam e-mail filters Podcasts

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