2015 Executive Council Report Format for [OFFICE/CHAPTER]

2015 Executive Council Report Format for [OFFICE/CHAPTER]

2018 Executive Council Report for Director, Chapter Services & International Outreach Submitted by Robert Fletcher 03/01/2020 International System Safety Society 1 Accomplishments for 2017-2018

Called and emailed all ISSS Chapter Presidents to encourage them and to ask them to prepare end SY materials (Chapter Annual Report with description of activities and financial bank statements and all receipts) Encouraged Revitalization of Canada Chapter Assisted in Closure of the Houston Chapter and transfer of funds in chapter account to head office account Completed Chapter of the Year evaluation and had plaque engraved Prepared a tutorial on Inspiring Growth and Good Governance in an ISSS Chapter for the ISSS 36 conference International System Safety Society 2 Strong Chapters

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. New Mexico North East Sierra High Desert Singapore Tennessee Valley Virtual Washington DC

Canada revitalized 2018 Saguaro 3 Chapters that are not Strong 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Southern California Bay Area (California) Central California Georgia (will likely need to be closed in 2018 / 2019)

Houston (in process of being closed) North Texas (will try to revitalize in 2018 / 2019) Goals for 2018-2019 1. Set up a course on System & Software Safety (Donne Difiglia to develop) for Chapter Presidents to attract membership in their Chapter 2. Encourage Further Development of the Tutorial for ISSC37 on Inspiring Growth and Good Governance in an ISSS Chapter new generation is not as interested in commitment to professional groups since they can get info on-line improve advertising & recruiting of new leaders and members attempt to start, revitalize and grow chapters people want to see value before they commit; Whats in it for me is a reasonable question? Explain benefits of volunteering. encourage Use of virtual tools; Join Me, Event Brite, BBB, etc.

3. Ensure all Chapters send Annual Reports 4. International Outreach: try to increase international 03/01/2020 International System Safety Society attendance at conferences 5 Causes of Reduced Members & Weakening of Chapters

Chapters are now perceived by some as lessessential (no longer considered backbone of ISSS) A stronger centralized view by the executive for governance All monies raised by work of the chapters belongs to the Head Office (message / incentive?) Emphasis on importance of Head Office projects with less consideration of importance of encouraging chapter growth Does the ISSS have a goal to grow chapters? 6 Causes of Weakening of Chapters Originally Chapters were seen as a place where new engineers could be educated and could network with more experienced and become new members Some people prefer to be a member of a virtual

chapter than to physically attend a chapter in the area of their residence Can now attend meetings from home, office, coffee shop, etc. The ISSS Virtual Chapter has attracted some members who otherwise could have contributed to a local chapter 7 Leadership vision, goals, inspiration ??? too much conflict in some relationships e.g. organizers of the conference last year and the EC burn out phenomenon after organizing a conference lost art of motivating a group of people (chapter members) to act towards achieving a common goal ... inability to inspire others the leader (President of a Chapter) is the inspiration

and director of the action. He or she is the person in the group that possesses the combination of personality and leadership skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction 8 Thank you Any questions ? 03/01/2020 International System Safety Society 9

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